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Sharp PTA’s Committees:

If you’re interested in volunteering for one of our yearlong committees, here they are! Please email with an “I’m interested in (committee name)!” and your name and best contact number.  We will reach out to you ASAP!  THANK YOU for your interest!

Advocacy Committee:

Work to ensure the community is aware of current advocacy issues including Vision 2020, Fair Funding and the upcoming Bond Referendum.

LEADER: Ben Ovadia:

Baking Committee:

Prepare baked goods for a variety of events throughout the year as needed.

LEADER: Kathleen Morley:

Beautification Committee:

Work to keep the school looking good!  Includes putting up seasonal decorations, doing some light yard work and helping with the Spring Clean Up day!

LEADER: Dina Ciancitto:

Buddy Family Committee:

Be a “Buddy Family” to a new family in the Sharp community.   You’ll be available to answer questions and be a resource from a family’s perspective!

LEADER: Jennifer Santana:

Character Education:

Work with the Zone PTA to implement Character Education in the school.

Email: Kristen Viglietta:

Cultural Arts Committee:

Help plan and oversee cultural arts activities.

LEADER: Jennifer Santana email st

Fifth Grade Committee Member:

For parents of current 5th graders…work with the leader to execute tee shirts, the dance, the yearbook, the trip and other special 5th grade activities!

Tracey Hofmann, Raechel Hammer & Debbie Mast  email changes to:

Fundraising Committee:

Help plan and oversee fundraising activities throughout the year.

Email: Lindsey Bowman:

Membership Committee:

Assist in the solicitation of PTA members.  Attend PTA events in the fall to help the membership drive.  This position is yearlong, but is the busiest in the fall.

LEADER: Nicole Tomlinson:


2016-17 PTA Meetings

All PTA meetings will be held in the Library unless otherwise noted.

06/06/17 @ 7:00pm